Welcome to the Nursery and Reception area!

In Reception we have Hedgehogs and Squirrels class. 

The class teacher in Hedgehogs is Mrs Manser

The class teachers in Squirrels class are Miss Maldonado.

In the Nursery class there is Miss Botelho (Class Teacher),  Mrs Fraser (Play Worker), Mrs Birdseye (Teaching Assistant) and Mrs Sui (Teaching Assistant).

During the Reception year your child will continue to follow the Foundation Stage curriculum. This is a continuation of their Pre-School and Nursery experience and will comprise of seven areas of learning encompassed through a range of purposeful play based activities both indoors and outdoors. The curriculum enables us to assess the children’s learning and we are therefore able to plan their ‘next steps’ according to individual needs.


Nursery - Term 1 - All About Me

Nursery - Term 2 - My Home and Family

Nursery - Term 3 Winter Wonderland


Reception - Term 1 - All about Me!

Reception - Term 2 - My Home and My Family

Reception - Term 3 - Winter Wonderland