Headteacher: Mr K Hopkins

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs R Dunkley (Maternity Leave)

Key Stage 1 Leader: Mrs R Dunkley

Early Years Foundation Stage Leader: Miss E Muncaster

Year 2 Teachers: Mrs M Espinosa Ruiz, Mrs A Pitt

Year 1 Teacher: Mrs J Shaw

Reception Teachers: Miss E Muncaster, Miss V Maldonado and Miss S Jarman

Nursery Class Teacher: Miss A Botelho

Nursery Class Teaching Assistant: Ms K Carrington 

Nursery Class Play worker: Mrs S Fraser

Nursery Class SEN Teaching Assistant: Mrs M Gonzalez Aznar and Mrs A Ruocco

School Business Manager: Mrs L Preen

School Administrator: Mrs A Birdseye

Year 2 Teaching Assistants:  Mrs A Blake and Mrs H Harvey

Year 1 Teaching Assistant: Mrs A Unger

Foundation Stage Teaching Assistants: Mrs J Brinson and Miss A Birdseye

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator Mrs R Dunkley 

SEN Teaching Assistants: Mrs M Tamhane, Mrs K Graves

Learning Mentor: Mrs M Bassett

Caretaker: Mr S Roy

Cleaners: Ms K Carrington, Mrs A Said

Midday Supervisors: Mrs M Hodgson, Mrs A Said, Mr S Roy, Mrs A Fagence

Data Protection Officer: Beverley Midwood